Our values guide us in our dealings with individuals, cultures, sustainability and the environment.

Sino Resources Mining Corporation ‘s values are the backbone of the spirit that moves us forward.
Our values are:

  • Safety

    People are one of most important assets at Sino Resources Mining Corporation . The safety and health of our employees, vendors, customers and communities where we operate is always our first priority.
  • Excellence

    Commitment to the continuous improvement of our processes and industry is essential for our success. At Sino Resources Mining Corporation we promote best business practice and a value adding culture to ensure that we develop and sustain lasting competitive advantages.
  • Responsible

    At Sino Resources Mining Corporation we pledge to be economically, socially and environmentally responsible. It is our aim to always promote development while being accountable economically, socially and environmentally.
  • Ethical

    Sino Resources Mining Corporation operates with integrity in an ethical and transparent manner. Without doubt we abide by the laws and moral principles established and accepted by society, and clearly communicate our policies and outcomes.
  • Entrepreneurship

    SMRC is resolute to constantly achieve as well as seek innovative and leading solutions that ensure the successful implementation of strategies that contribute to Sino Resources Mining Corporation ’s growth.
  • Diversity

    Sino Resources Mining Corporation believes in treating everyone fairly and with respect as well as promoting equal opportunities in employment and career progression.
  • Passion

    Sino Resources Mining Corporation is passionate about its industry and its business. We are the stewards of our business and our industry. We are proud to build a business that will make a difference and lead. We are passionate in everything we do.

Our Company Spirit