Sino Resources Mining Corporation is an innovative resource company and we are committed to continually innovate all of the processes throughout each of our business activities.

We dedicate ourselves to producing sapphires that bring joy and happiness to the daily lives of people, functioning as part of the cummunities that we work in and ensuring that our impact on the environment is value added.

Our mining activity is based on continuous dialogue with numerous stakeholders including government, employees, shareholders, investors, cutomers, suppliers, business associations and NGOs.

Our mining activity we know makes use of land and resources and our efforts to be sustainable behing long before we mine and remain long after we have finished.

At Sino Resources Mining Corporation we believe that we must act responsibly and that responsible mining activities are required to be commited to our long term success. We intend that our activity is one of the best opportunities for communities to reach their full socio-economic potential. We know that this is possible while also acting in an environmentally and socially responsible matter.