Conservation Mining

Sino Resources Mining Corporation and its associated subsidiaries acknowledge the value of operating in a sustainable manner that conserves the environment and adds value to all stakeholders. Accordingly we work hard to propagate and maintain the following Conservation Gem Mining Principles that keep us sustainable:

Contribute to best practice in the colored gemstone mining industry through knowledge-sharing with our industry peers and through collaboration, partnerships with relevant industry bodies.

Demonstrate colored gemstone mining industry leadership in the implementation of eco-friendly and ethical business practices.

Contribute to the understanding and conservation of the environment and integrated approaches to land use planning within the locality of our projects.

Push for continual improvement of our environmental performance, while meeting gemstone mining industry best practice standards.

Push for continual improvement of our operational performance by being efficient and cost effective at the same time.

Ensure that our health and safety performance is better than the gemstone mining industry best practice standards.

Demonstrate respect for the cultures, customs and values of employees, community members and others who are affected by our activities.

Implement risk management strategies based on valid data and sound science.

Contribute to regional growth through the social, economic and institutional development of the communities in which we operate, including commitment to local employment and purchase of local goods and services.

Engage our local communities and other stakeholders in a transparent and open manner.

An example of our commitment is to begin land rehabilitation as soon as possible so it can be returned to the local farmers. The process is outlined in the graphic above. We ensure too that the farmers are compensated for up to three years which is the period it will take for the excavated land to reach its full yield potential.