Sapphminco Australia Limited is a key producing subsidiary of Sino Resources Mining Corporation. Sapphminco’s project area is located in Eastern Australia. The Sapphminco sapphire mine has been producing industry leading gem quality sapphires' since 1973. In December 2009, Sino Resources Mining Corporation entered into a joint venture to form Sapphminco, where it has a controlling interest.

Sapphminco Australia Limited is in control of a number of industry leading deposits located in one of Australia’s main Sapphire producing areas. Sapphminco also is one of the premier supplier sofrough and finished sapphire to world gem markets with cutting and burning facilities in Australia, Thailand and China.

Sapphminco Operation Summary

The Sapphminco operation is comprised of open cut mines, a conventional wash plant, sapphire sorting and burning facilities and excellent infrastructure.

Sapphminco controls its own sapphire processing and rough is delivered directly to its cutting and burning facilities in Australia, Thailand and China. Gem quality sapphires are sold directly to customers and near gem quality sapphires travel directly downstream Sino Resources Mining Corporation’s manufacturing centers in China. Here the sapphires are further treated and made into pieces for sale direct to the customer.

Name Sapphminco Australia Limited
Location Eastern Australia
Product Sapphire
Mining Method Open cut
Processing Method Conventional washing and sorting
First Production 1973
Capacity 750,000 carats/month

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