Who we are

- We mine our sapphires sustainably
- We process our sapphires with the utmost care
- We innovate the way our sapphires are used
- We create beautiful products with our sapphires
- We retail our sapphires and sapphire based products

By being passionate, trustworthy and innovative Sino Resources Mining Corporation will go forth to be the globally leading producer and advocate of sapphires. All of our sapphires are natural and each are individually graded and then processed with the utmost care by hand.
The way we mine is in line with conservation gem mining principles. This means that when we mine, we leave little trace of our presence and ensure that the land is useable for future generations. We also believe in working with the community where we mine and creating worthwhile opportunities for them.
As a company we bring the beauty, energy, magic of sapphires to life and bring out the best in the human spirit.

Our Company Spirit