Sapphire Stone Energy

When thinking about sapphires it is easy to think about a jewel on a crown of a king, or a ring of that of a queen. This is very normal, but even more traditional is the fact that for many millennia sapphires have been thought to contain special powers and energy. This is true for many cultures.

The word Sapphire is derived from Sapphirus, which is Latin for blue. There are numerous beliefs, superstitions and folklore that is associated with the blue sapphire gemstone. It is believed to give the wearer everything that he or she desires - health, wealth, longevity and happiness. This gem also restores lost wealth and property, counteracts the envy of enemies and removes the evil eye, protects one from dangers and mental unrest and alleviates long-term misfortune. It is also believed to improve fertility in women.

For therapeutic or holistic purposes, the blue sapphire must be set in silver or white metal and worn in the middle finger. The ring should be set with an authentic natural sapphire to be effective.

Due to the strong beliefs associated with the stone, jewelers in India often suggest this gem be tested (by wearing it next to the skin or keeping it under the pillow while sleeping) for at least one week before final purchase is made. The blue sapphire gem is one of the Navagraha stones (stones that represent the nine planets that have a cosmic influence on all earthlings). It represents the planet Saturn (Shani) and is related to duty and salvation.

The gems natural blue color has always been associated with royalty. And for centuries the vivid blue sapphire has been a symbol of nobility, sincerity, faithfulness, truth and peace. It is believed to protect its owner from all evils and to also attract divinity. Some communities also believe that this gem has the power to influence spirits and that it protects the owner from witchcraft.